My 2 Year Old Beach Beauty

My baby girl is 2! It is so crazy just saying that! Well, the beach is her absolute FAVORITE place so it was easy picking the location for her 2 year photo shoot. Add a pretty princess dress and sunset and you have the perfect setting for a beach girl like Brooke! I even made her princess dress myself (I have to point that out because it was my first time making a dress for her, and I think I did a pretty good job). She is such a beautiful and fun little girl! She is very stubborn and tests me on EVERYTHING, but she is also so loving and sweet! She keeps me laughing always, and makes everyday better. I love you Brooke Madilyn ❤

(Thank you to my mom for chasing this crazy girl around while I snapped away)

You are my sunshine ❤

2015-09-08_0002 2015-09-08_0003 2015-09-08_0004 2015-09-08_0005 2015-09-08_0006


2015-09-08_00172015-09-08_0011 2015-09-08_0012 2015-09-08_0014

2015-09-08_00132015-09-08_0015 2015-09-08_0016

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