Kim & Chase are Married!!

I knew from the second I met Kim & Chase that this wedding was going to be fun and beautiful!! They are such an easy going and sweet couple I couldn’t wait to photograph the big day! Kim & Chase’s wedding was seriously just perfect! The weather was amazing, all the details tied together so nicely, and you could see the love between them, family, and friends! I had a blast getting to capture it! Thank you to my second shooter, CIndy Cahoon Photography, for helping capture every detail! 🙂

2015-05-13_00202015-05-12_0001 2015-05-12_0002 2015-05-12_0003 2015-05-12_00042015-05-12_00052015-05-12_0006 2015-05-12_00072015-05-13_00212015-05-12_0009 2015-05-12_00102015-05-12_00112015-05-12_0012 2015-05-12_0013 2015-05-12_0014 2015-05-12_0015 2015-05-12_0016 2015-05-12_00172015-05-13_00162015-05-12_0019 2015-05-12_0020 2015-05-12_0021 2015-05-12_0022 2015-05-12_0023 2015-05-12_0024 2015-05-12_0025

2015-05-13_0002 2015-05-13_0003 2015-05-13_0004 2015-05-13_0005 2015-05-13_0006 2015-05-13_00072015-05-13_00172015-05-13_00182015-05-13_00102015-05-13_00192015-05-13_0012 2015-05-13_0013 2015-05-13_0014 2015-05-13_0015


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