Zeiner Wedding

Where to begin with this beautiful wedding?! I first met Tiffany and Josh last summer when I photographed their adorable son Logan’s second birthday pictures! We instantly clicked and I was already looking forward to their wedding day! The big day arrived and it was RAINY and WINDY! I mean raining all day and very windy! (Luckily the rain stopped for about 10mins for us to do group shots outside). It may have been raining outside, but inside it was bright and beautiful!  I seriously had such a wonderful time photographing this event and hanging out with Tiffany, Josh, their family and friends. Everyone was so welcoming and you felt like you were among friends! All the small details came together so perfectly! My favorite was the altar which Tiffany’s step dad made himself! It was PERFECT! The reception was very relaxed and everyone was just having a fun time dancing and talking. Thank you so much Tiffany and Josh for choosing me to capture your wedding! It was such an honor! Thank you to my second shooter (Cindy Cahoon Photography) as well for helping me to capture every detail!

2015-04-07_0001 2015-04-07_0002 2015-04-07_0003 2015-04-07_0004 2015-04-07_0006 2015-04-07_0007 2015-04-07_0008 2015-04-07_0009 2015-04-07_00102015-04-07_0012 2015-04-07_0013 2015-04-07_00142015-04-07_0016 2015-04-07_0017 2015-04-07_0018 2015-04-07_00192015-04-07_00212015-04-07_00232015-04-08_00012015-04-08_0002 2015-04-08_0003 2015-04-08_0004 2015-04-08_0005 2015-04-08_0006 2015-04-08_0007

2015-04-08_0008 2015-04-08_00112015-04-08_00092015-04-08_00102015-04-08_00142015-04-08_00302015-04-08_00152015-04-08_0012 2015-04-08_00162015-04-08_0018 2015-04-08_00172015-04-08_0019

2015-04-08_0021 2015-04-08_0022 2015-04-08_0023 2015-04-08_0024 2015-04-08_0025 2015-04-08_0026 2015-04-08_0027 2015-04-08_0028

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