Chase & Kim’s Engagement Session

The day of Chase and Kim’s engagement session it was GORGEOUS out. It was one of those crazy weather weeks where it was 50 everyday, and then BAM a 70 degree day! We made sure to take advantage of it! I had so much fun walking around snapping photos and getting to know them! They are just a beautiful couple and I am so excited to capture their big day in just 2 WEEKS!! ❤

2015-03-31_0001 2015-03-31_0002 2015-03-31_0003 2015-03-31_0004 2015-03-31_0005 2015-03-31_0006 2015-03-31_0007 2015-03-31_0008 2015-03-31_0009 2015-03-31_0010 2015-03-31_0011 2015-03-31_0012 2015-03-31_0013 2015-03-31_0014 2015-03-31_0015 2015-03-31_0017 2015-03-31_0018 2015-03-31_0019



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